What are the symptoms of a torn ligament?

Weakness, pain. Weakness, pain, swelling, bruising, instability, deformity....... Depending upon the degree and site.

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What are some of the symptoms of a torn ligament?

Bruising. As well as pain, swelling, and instability. Some people have difficulty using the injured part as well. I mention bruising first because just from visual inspection, bruising tends to indicate that a ligament was torn or bone broken compared to just a sprain. Read more...

What are the symptoms of a torn knee ligament or meniscus?

Torn knee ligament. A torn knee ligament or meniscus will be painful, so that's the most common symptom. The knee can feel unsteady so you don't trust it to bear your weight without giving out. It can lock or catch unexpectedly if the meniscus is torn and flips over on itself. Right after it happens, your knee can swell. Read more...