I have a burning sensation all over my skin but especially in my mouth. What is it.?

Need more info. My recommendation is you need to visit your doctor to give you a diagnosis's. Burning in the oral cavity can be as simple as a pizza burn or you have a viral infection or bacterial infection that needs to be addressed by your doctor?

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Around my mouth I have a rash giving a burning sensation often and is quite red, darker than my skin tone, rough. What is this and what should I do?

Not enough detail. Need exam for diagnosis. Perioral dermatitis is a specific diagnosis which may be due to cortisone products on the face. There is specific therapy. Saliva dermatitis is due to compulsive licking and responds to different therapy. Irritant dermatitis can be diagnosed upon discovery of exposures. Allergic dermatitis is sometimes found, such as from sucking on mango skins. Be a detective and see a de.

I was diag. With shingles in my mouth, lots of blisters. I am also having a burning sensation on my head, it really hurts. Now my shoulders are burnin?

Herpes, not zoster. You may have a different herpes virus, called simplex, not zoster (the one that causes chicken pox). Other viruses besides herpes simplex can be widely disseminated. Allergic reactions are a less likely possibility. See a dermatologist.
Shingles. If you are experiencing shingles it is a very bad deal and can hurt a lot in many areas. Your doctor might be able to prescribe some pain reliever and/or anti viral medication for you but there isn't much that can be done except to wait it out.

I being having a burning sensation in the corners of my mouth red and some very little white head pimples not visible but burns?

Visit your doc. Angular cheilitis could be a multifactorial problem (your underlying condition, bacterial or fungal infection, vitamin deficiency (Vit B mostly)). Visit you PPC for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
Visit your MD. There are some conditions that will produce patients to have irritation at the corners of the mouth. Please visit your primary MD to achieve a proper diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps.
See DDS. Need to visualize to comment. Possible angular chelitis or other differential diagnosis dependent on clinical examination- see dentist to initially diagnose.

In bed, turned head & got a burning sensation from outer ear to throat. Soapy taste in mouth. Itchy ear & burning feeling in throat. What is this?

Go to emergency room. If the symptoms are all on one side of your head/neck, ask them to evaluate you for a carotid dissection. It's an injury to a blood vessel in the neck that can cause the symptoms you describe. They'll do imaging of the blood vessels. If they find a carotid dissection, they'll start a medicine to thin your blood while the injury heals. If you have any questions, I'm available for a virtual consult.