Would chewing tobacco negatively affect my dental implants?

It certainly could. Smoking tobacco has been shown to increase the possibility of implant failure and complications. While chewing tobacco may not have as many direct effects on the implant healing itself, it can directly effect the gum tissue around the implants. Without healthy attached gum tissue around the implants, you are likely to have increased complications.Not too mention the increased risk of oral cancer.
Yes. If you have lost teeth and are now replacing them with dental implants, it is definitely in your best interest for long term stability and success of the implant restoration, that you refrain from any type of tobacco. Chewing tobacco has high oral cancer rates. Now is a great time to quit, for your implants and your overall health.
Very likely. The tissue around them will be adversely affected. As the tissue around them deteriorates, the supporting bone will deteriorate as well. Thus, the support for the implants continues to be less. The risk of oral cancer is also very high -- this will negatively affect your life, let alone your implants. Why take such a chance ?
Theoretically no. Aside from the fact that chewing tobacco has potential for oral cancer, periodontal issues, and stain, and is generally not thought to be good for you, there is no evidence that it affects dental implants.
Nicotine: Implants? Probably, why continue a habit that adversely affects your gum and oral bone health? The tobacco has many chemicals that affect your gum and bone health. All not good. All bad for implant intergration to bone. Switch to mint snuff.
Yes at time of surg. Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is a localized vasoconstrictor which decrease blood flow. Good blood flow is necessary for the bone socket to heal around an implant. Low blood flow = slow or poor healing and increased chance of implant failure. Oh ... Then there is the oral cancer thing!

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How long am I suppose to wait to chew tobacco after getting teeth pulled and implants?

SERIOUSLY?!? How about forever? That would be a good start. In addition to the obvious cancer potential (ever read the little warning label on the side of the tin?), the chemicals in tobacco have been implicated in delayed wound healing. If you spent the money on implants, not to mention endured the post-operative healing period, why screw it up? That makes no sense. Read more...
100 years. How about if you use that as an excuse to stop using tobacco products? The use of tobacco and oral cancer, gum disease, etc has been extensibly demosntrated. Please be healthy and stop using any tobacco products. Read more...