What are the current recommendations for the pneumonia vaccine?

Smokers for starters. The latest group of people that have been targeted are smokers, because they catch pneumonias more often. The other large group of patients to receive Pneumovax are those 65 and over. Those younger with diseases such as diabetes, asthma, chronic liver conditions, cardiac disease, and neoplasms, or those without a spleen, need one, as well as a 2nd shot, at least 5 years later, at age 65 plus.
See below. For adults the recommendations are as follows: if you are age < 65 should get the pneumococcal vaccine if you have chronic lung disease, ( asthma, copd, are a smoker, or have a variety of other chronic medical problems, such as cirrhosis, diabetes, kidney failure, etc.. Talk with doc for more infor. Everyone over 64 should get vaccinated, including repeat vaccination if first > 5 years ago.