Can you recommend a natural supplements for a woman with decreased libido?

Yes. The most effective natural supplemental aid for most post menopausal women with decreased libido will be (surprise); natural /bioidentical estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. After all these are exactly the sources of deficiency. Properly administered, they will correct most, if not all of the adverse physiological changes of menopause. Restoring tissue integrity, rest and improved psyche.
Yes. Some women find help with dhea, which is a precursor of sex-related hormones. However, diabetics and those prone to diabetes should probably not use dhea. It can also make acne worse in some individuals.
Yes. Aerobic exercise will supplement endorphins and also increase positive feelings about ones own body. Cognitive therapy is also useful. Desire for anything stems from time thinking positvely. Ie- the more time spent catalog shopping the more likely one is to buy. Spend 15 minutes a day thinking about whatever causes desire for you - women are quite varied on this. Avlimil is the only supplement.