Is it possible to do foreskin restoration after an adult circumcision?

Probably not. I'd compare it with a limb amputation in a way - can you restore a foot once it was chopped off? One may speculate on the possibility of having a cosmetic surgery done, but if the circumcision was performed correctly, I don't see why you would want to have it reverted. If it was done incorrectly and there are damages or bad cosmetic defects, then quite a cosmetic surgery might be an option.
Yes, but? Do it. The purpose of circumcision is to remove the foreskin. Foreskin can be restored by major surgery. This involves making a circumferential incision around the penis at mid-shaft, freeing the skin distal to incision and pulling it over the glans (head) and then harvesting a split skin graft from arm or thigh and placing it over raw are on the penis fromend of freed skin to mid-shaft.? A psyche issue.