What are the pros and cons of getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Many. If you do not have room for them to erupt and be properly maintained for life, then they should be extracted. Sometimes the upper ones remain encased in bone and are of ne consequence -- they are often left in place. Problematic areas are most commonly the lower ones. If they are impacted, partially erupted, or not cleansable -- have them out. They offer no functional chewing. Older = harder extn.
See answer. Click on this blog to see why wisdom teeth should be removed. Http://www. Oralsurgicalarts. Com/removal-of-wisdom-teeth-a-wise-move/ the risk of removing wisdom teeth include, lower lip numbness (rare), surgical pain and swelling but this is typical after any tooth extraction procedure. Good luck.

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When should you get wisdom teeth pulled out?

Ideally. Most surgeons prefer to remove wisdom teeth before the roots are fully developed, which typically is during the teenage years. If you are having a problem with any wisdom tooth that is deemed non-restorable, non-functional, causing or contributing to a problem, it should be removed asap, provided there are not contraindications for you to undergo the surgical procedure.
Early. The safest time is mid teens. The roots have not fully formed and the risks are lower. Some wisdom teeth do not require removal. The best bet is to seek an evaluation by a board certified oral surgeon who can examine and give the options.

How painful is it to get wisdom teeth pulled?

Very little. With modern anesthesia and sedation it is possible that you may not feel any pain. Check with your dentist before starting to get an idea of your concerns.
Painless. With a combination of knowledge, expertise, kindness, proper anesthesia and gentleness, dentists can do a lot to make your wisdom teeth surgery uneventful, pleasant, painless and stress free.

Could everybody get their wisdom teeth pulled?

No. No. The primary reasone are if they are causing pain, if there isn't enough room and they may cause crowding of the other teeth, if they are erupted and have cavities, or your othrodonitist needs room to move your crooked teeth.
Yes. Everybody could have their wisdom teeth removed, but the real question is should everybody have their wisdom teeth removed? A clinical evaluation with the appropriate x-ray (s) where all of the teeth can be visualized, and the entire wisdom tooth or teeth by your dentist should be performed to properly advise you if you should or should not have them removed.

Do I absolutely need to get wisdom teeth pulled?

No absolutes.. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. Some people do not have them. Some erupt normally with adequate space. However, some are in poor position that can damage other teeth, cause repeat infections, have caries, or cause pain or other problems. These wisdom teeth are evaluated and determined the risk or harm. Your dentist is your best to talk to.
Maybe. No - if they are in position and not causing a problem. Yes - if they are in position and causing a problem. Yes - if they are not in position, they will cause a problem if they are not now. Waiting until later only makes a bad situation much worse.
Depends. It depends if the wisdom teeth are fully erupted and there is enough room for them. Impacted wisdom left untreated are prone to cyst formation. See a dentist who performs 3rd molar extractions or an oral surgeon. They will do an evaluation, and make recommendations, while giving the pro;s and cons of the procedures.

How can it feel to get your wisdom teeth pulled?

Expect some. Discomfort. It is a surgical procedure. It's more comfortable to be put to sleep for the extractions. That way when you wake up its all done. Hope this helps.
Shouldnt. When your teeth are pulled you should be numb how you feel after depends if the teeth were impacted or not. If bone needs to be removed there will be swelling and more post op discomfort, if they are in the mouth and erupted there should be minimal post op pain.