Is there a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can treat black gums?

Could be natural. While some cases of "black" gums could be the result of the tissue becoming tattooed from certain metals used in crowns and fillings. Many people of Mediterranean and African origin have heavily pigmented gums which are totally natural. The former problem can be repaired by a periodontist, but the later is natural and it's beauty should be embraced! .
Usually no, but... Depending on the cause of the color in your gums you may be able to complete work on either the underlying tooth or the gums & bone resulting in an improvement or complete resolution. This can be fairly simple or very complex, so you will want to discuss options (if they exist) with your dentist. Good luck!
Yes. There are a few procedures out there seek a periodontist.
Dental laser. What is the cause of your gums being black? Amalgam tattoo? Melanoma (hope not)? Ethnicity? Some laser treatments can lighten the gingiva, search the web and try to find a dentist that advertises this. I know some people do this procedure, but it won't be very easy to find. Good luck!
Depends. Depends if the cause is from natural pigmentation or as a result of dental procedures. You need to talk with you dentist for a evaluation of your specific problem.
Discolored Gums. If your gums are discolored and it is not part of your normal pigmentation, it was probably caused by an amalgam tattoo which was caused by excess amalgam (silver) that got caught in the gum during a filling being placed. Depending on the location, it may not need treatment. If it really bothers you, a periodontist could remove part of the area and flap new tissue over the discolored area.
Periodontist. See the gum tissue specialist -- Periodontist - to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. Good Luck.
Yes. First determine the cause by seeing a dnntist, then determine the solution.
Yes. The cause of the black gums need to be determined. See a dentist for a consultation. Your dentist may refer you to a periodontist for treatment.
Yes. There are ways to bleach your gums, but they are not done by your dentist. Find a plastic surgeon for those procedures.
See your dentist. This depends on what is causing the black color. I would see your dentist who can best tell you what to expect.
?? Black gums is not a term that I have seen before but if your gums have always been a little darker or with dark areas that show when you smile you can get a recontouring of the gums to show more tooth structure and less gum tissue as long as your gums, bone and teeth are healthy and allow the procedure.
Nope. Coloration of gingiva is mostly genetic due to subsurface pigmentation. Recently sheets of gums have been fabricated from tissue engeneering principles in the lab. But it will be while before it becomes an offerable reality to use them for grafting procedures.
Yes...But Rare. Yes, there is a way to treat dark pigmentation of the gums. However, very few dentists do this kind of work. You may have to make a few phone calls to find someone. There is a laser technique which can work quite well, and there's also a surgical way to address the dark areas from the inside. If you have a couple of periodontists in your town, that would be a good place to start. Good luck.
Laser gum treatment. Generally speaking there are two procedures that can sometimes treat black gums: 1) Certain types of lasers can depigment the tissue 2) In some cases grafting can be used. It might be best to check with periodontists to see if they update with these procedures.
See cosmetic DDS. The laser technique DE-pigments the gums in one office visit. The treatment is virtually painless, and patients may only need the aid of topical anesthetic.