How serious is a corneal scar?

Varies. Corneal scars can vary from small to large and superficial to deep. The location is also important. If is ouf to the side it may cause no problem versus being more central and causing glare or blurred vision. It all comes down to how it effects a person's ability to function and how if necessary it can be dealt with. See ophthalmologist.
Depends. On the location and size of the scar. Tiny corneal scars are common and of no consequence. Scars that affect the vision need treatment. See an ophthalmologist for evaluation of your scar.

Related Questions

What is a corneal scar?

Scar on eyeball. The cornea is the clear translucent anterior layer overlying the pupil that allows light to pass without restriction to the back of the eye where the retina receives it. A scar on the cornea distorts the light coming through much like a crack on a windshield or smear on a mirror.

Are there contacts that hide a corneal scar?

Yes. There are custom painted cosmetic lenses with iris configuration to match your natural eye that are opaque in these areas and can disguise a corneal scar. Ask your ophthalmologist about these if you have a disfiguring scar.

What is corneal scar and its effect on vision?

Scar on cornea. The cornea is the window in front of the eye which lets light in and provides focus. If there is damage below the surface layer, there can be scarring. This may be light but could be heavy depending upon the cause. If the scar is peripheral, it will usually not be a problem but if central it can be a serious vision issue.

Contacts that hide a corneal scar, is that okay?

Possible. If a corneal scar is prominent, there are contacts that can minimize or hide the scar. Some are simply colored and are available pre made. Others have to be custom fabricated and include for bad looking eyes, a scleral shell made by an ocularist.

What surgery would be eligible if I had corneal scar?

Depends. Depends if the scar needs treatment or not and its location. You could have prk where they laser of the surface later with the scar. If it is deeper a corneal transplant may be done. It may be possible to scrape it off.

Can I wear acuvue oasys contacts if I have a corneal scar?

Usually. Scars on the cornea can cause contact lenses to fit poorly, and of course if the scar affects vision, then the contacts still won't provide good vision. Go see your local eye doctor and have them check it out!

Am I eligibile for prk when I had corneal scar?

It is possible. Depending on the depth, size and location of the scar, prk or even lasik may be possible vision correction options for you. Your best bet would be an evaluation with a lasik doctor to determine your candiddacy for the treatment.
Sometimes. A variant of the prk procedures, called ptk (phototherapeutic keratectomy) utilizes the same excimer laser and in some cases, can reduce or remove corneal scarring. It depends on the depth and location of the scar. It sometimes can be combined with prk to reduce the refractive error.
Usually. Prk, especially combined with some ptk, can be used to reduce or eliminate most corneal scars while improving your uncorrected vision. Sometimes the procedures need to be staged. They also require sufficient corneal thickness and curvature. The most easily corrected prescriptions in this situation are nearsighted ones, with or without astigmatism. Your eye surgeon can confirm your eligibility.

Can I get lasik if I have a corneal scar?

Sometimes! It depends where the scar is located, and how much it affects your vision. If the scar is not near the center of the vision, it is probably ok to have surgery. Go for an initial consultation with a surgeon so that doctor can take a look. More info: <a href=http://www.2020vision. Com">lasik surgery detroit</a>.
Maybe. A small peripheral scar usually does not affect your candidacy for lasik. Larger more central scars which limit vision may disqualify you. Some scars do not limit best corrected vision but make lasik a poor choice. In some cases, surface laser or prk is preferable.

If I have a corneal scar, will I ever be able to wear contact lenses?

Possible. But, you need to ask your opthomolgist to check if the corneal scar will preclude you from wearing contacts lenses.