What are the risks of getting a corneal transplant?

Rejection/Infection. It depends on the reason the cornea is scarred or irregular. Keratoconus, a congenital problem, is a very common reason and the results are very good. If there is previous injury to the cornea with scarring, i.e. Burns, trauma, infections, etc, there maybe ingrowth of blood vessels and the results and not quite as good. The main risks are rejection or infection.

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How can my friend get a corneal transplant?

See a cornea doc. A corneal specialist performs corneal transplants and can diagnose and treat eye diseases that may require this type of surgery.
Corneal surgeon. I would recommend your friend to see a corneal surgeon for an evaluation.

Is there a possibility that my vision will actually get worse after corneal transplant?

Not likely. Like many eye surgeries, corneal transplant can have problems that result in loss of vision. This is not what usually happens; most people who require corneal transplant can see much better after the surgery. Discuss this with your corneal surgeon.
Yes. Possibility, . But hopefully not. Corneal transplants were the first human allogeneic grafts that were done. They are very successful and can last up to 20 years. Complications, unfortunately, are a possibility and can result in premature rejection, infection, glaucoma. A variety of partial thickness grafts are available as well. These can have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

My ophthalmologist told me that a corneal transplant would not get me to 20/20 vision and it would take a year to see out if it. Y have I heard diff?

Corneal Transplant. Corneal transplant surgery is an organ transplant that has restored the vision of millions of patients. There are risks as with any eye surgery (risk of infection, loss of vision, loss of eye, rejection of a transplant). Recovery can take months/years. New surgeries dsek, dmek are options in certain patients and have a shorter recovery time.
Depends. On what your problem is and why you need the transplant. Many problems are now treated with partial transplants which have very rapid visual recovery. Other problems require traditional complete transplants and it is true that it can take many months for vision to get as good as it's going to get. A year is on the long side. Send some more details and i'll give you a more precise answer.

If I were to get a corneal transplant would I be able to put a contact on that eye and have 20/20 vision?

Corneal transplant. This would be for keratoconus! The answer is yes but recovery from transplant is 3-6 months to get to the vision desired.
Don't get hopes up. Usually patients with corneal transplants do not see 20/20. First of all, recovery time is long. Secondly, stitches are usually left on the eye making contact lens fitting hard. I think you are going in with high expectations and need to think about meeting with your doctor about realistic goals and expectations.