What to do if foreskin grows back after circumcision?

I don't see how. I don't see how it will. When you cut something off, how can it grow back?
Steroid cream. The foreskin will not grow back, but occasionally, adhesions can form between the shaft skin and the head of the penis following a circumcision, this usually only happens with young children but can happen with adults. The treatment is steroid cream, either Betamethasone or triamcinilone, applied to the adhesions twice a day for 6 weeks.
Usually do nothing. Foreskin does not grow back. Sometimes surgeon leaves a little extra skin, which is better than removing too much. Many little boys develop or have a prominent fat pad in front of pubis which pushes penile shaft skin forward. This can adhere to glans + gives impression that foreskin has grown back. Leave it alone + it will separate with passage of time. Epithelialized skin bridges need division.
Gently Retract. The foreskin really does not grow back, but what is left can stretch towards it's former place.Gentle retraction prevents any problems.