What are considered well accepted advantages of circumcision?

Really none. There are no true benefits of circumcision. Old beliefs that circumcision may confer better care of the penis have not been substantiated, as most males do well being uncircumcised. As far as std, including HIV prevention, the benefit of circumcision as a preventative measure is highly debatable.
Hygiene etc. Less risk of urinary infections in first 6 - 12 months of life, which are quite uncommon anyway. Worth doing in boys with urinary tract abnormalities such as urethral valves, bladder reflux or hydronephrosis. Much cleaner for men who do not wash. Is a cure for phimosis (tight foreskin). Prevents the all too rare cancer of penis. Significant reduction in HIV &hpv transmission (studies from africa).
Preventative if any. Circ rates run 0-80% depending on cultural, religious& healthcare practices around the world. The only males with uti's i've treated in 3 decades were uncircumcised & often <2mo old. You'll never have a trapped glans(paraphimosis) or cancer of the removed area. In the end, its more cultural than need.I view it similar to piercing ears but with a few potential health benefits.
The Data. Analysis of all the available research data by the american academy of pediatrics demostrated a benefit of doing it versus the detriment of the risk. The benefit was described as "small", but this does mean there is an advantage to performing it than the risk of not.