Will I be able to run again after having surgery for compartment syndrome?

Most Likely. I am assuming that you had compartment syndrome of the lower leg and required fasciotomies. Your recovery will be mostly dependent on whether or not there was any nerve or muscle injury. If you have irreversible nerve damage, this would have the biggest impact on your recovery. If you have any muscle loss, this too will have a negative impact. If no nerve or muscle loss, then likely full recovery.

Related Questions

What are the problems after fasciectomy (surgery) for compartment syndrome?

Fasciectomy. Fasciectomy/Fasciotomy does not really have many complications if it is performed correctly. As with any surgery, there is the possibility of nerve damage or vascular damage just from having the surgery, and any other post operative complication. But, if the procedure is performed well and there are no surgical complications, there are few, if any problems after the surgery.

What could cause complications after fasciectomy (surgery) for compartment syndrome?

Maily infection, skin. Infection is the most important complication for post op fasciatomy, because the tissue will be expose. Skin coverage is another problem we have post fsciatomy.

Hi! I've recently had my surgery for compartment syndrome in lower leg. What should I do the upcoming days? Train the leg or rest it? How do I rehab?

Follow instructions. Almost certainly, your surgeon has very specific plans for your recovery, I would discuss it with him. In general, compartment syndrome is caused by swelling that increases the pressure of a compartment beyond its perfusion pressure, so you would probably need to keep it somewhat elevated to avoid further swelling. Discuss with your surgeon.
DEPENDS. Consult your surgeon when you should start PT. Let him determine when he feels you have sufficiently healed When he feels it's safe then toe raises on a 2.5 cm block and stretching the ankle joint with a towel around the foot and pulling it gently toward you You will lose 30% strength due to having the fasciotomy alone.

I'm getting surgery for compartment syndrome. They are going to release all compartments of the lower leg. They are only doin one leg. How long is the recovery? Crutches? Sports?

Not much. A few concerns: almost never necessary to release "all compartments". Exercise induced compartments syndromes are compartments specific. One would determine which compartments are the cause by doing compartment pressure measurements after exercise. Crutches until it feels good. In my experience return to sport in 4-6 weeks.

What is involved during chronic compartment syndrome surgery?

Compartment Release. The surgery involves releasing compartments that are affected thru small incisions. However, recurrence of your symptoms after such surgeries is not uncommon.

Are there alternatives to surgery for exertional compartment syndrome?

Yes. Most physician would try these first before offering surgery. They usually include see a physcial therapsit. They would try techniques with stretching and going over the activities that trigger it. Also heat and iceing along with elcetrical stimulation therapy can help.

What are any alternatives to surgery for exertional compartment syndrome?

Leg pain. Very slow and long warming up period. Increase distances very slowly, slow down when symptoms start and if not better stop and ice the leg. Alternate days. Some time surgery if the only anwser.
Modify activity. True exertional compartment syndrome will consistently be associated with the onset of pain when certain threshold of activity is reached. If this consistently comes on with running after certain distance cut down on mileage or choose alternative activity that keeps you below threshold of symptoms (cycling). Also be sure of diagnosis: requires measurement of compartment pressures after exertion.

How long does it take to recover from exertional compartment syndrome surgery?

Depnds on swel/pain. This is exercised induced compartment syn. Most people stop due 2 pain, and rest. It goes away fairly soon. If bad poeple go 2 their ortho guy and get worked up & can have a prophylactic compartment releas with minimal incisions, as compared 2 knee 2 ankle 4 severe compt syn.