Is it ok for a one week old infant to under go heart operation?

In the right setting. Some severe forms of severe congenital heart disease are not compatible with life without surgical repair, so in some cases emergency surgery in the newborn period is unavoidable. Contrary to what you might guess, infants can recover from surgery very rapidly, usually much faster than adults.
Yes, if needed. Some babies are born with heart problems and require immediate surgery to save their lives.
Yes. It may be necessary and life-saving, depending on the defect. Neonatal cardiac surgery requires a center with extensive experience, and a dedicated team of nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, intensivists, perfusionists and others, all specializing in children- it is very different from adult heart surgery.
Odd question. Docs like anyone else like work to be easier if possible. The idea of operating on a tiny baby when it could be delayed until they double or triple in size is a no brainier. When they can, they will wait, since the work would be less stress for baby and doc. Some babies will not live a week unless you operate immediately.

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What is open heart surgery like for an infant? Do they feel pain?

No pain in surgery. Most of the major centers of excellence will employ a multidiscipllinary team approach. Innovative techniques will be utilized to ensure comfort, minimize blood loss, ensure perfusion to the brain, and focused cooperation/communication with all cardiac surgical team members.

What am I to expect after infant heart surgery for avsd?

Intensive care unit. After surgery for a avsd, your child will be taken to the intensive care unit where he or she will recover. Your child will likely have a breathing tube, on a ventilator, and many have tubes, such as intravenous (IV) and arterial lines that will allow fluid and medication administration and monitoring. The breathing tube and lines will be taken out as your child's condition improves.

How does to take to fully recover after open heart surgery on an infant?

Varies. As with any surgery, this varies. It would depend on the exact surgery required as well as whether there are any complciations. Usually it would involve one to two weeks in the hospital and four to eight weeks at home. It also depends on what you mean by "recovery." the chest could be sore for a much longer period for instance.
Baby hearts. Typically, kids recover more quickly after heart surgery than adults. It's important, though, to consider what exactly has been fixed with the operation. There are some surgeries on kids that require multiple steps to complete. What that means is that the child may not be completely repaired after the first procedure.
Stages. "full" recovery takes months. But I typically think of this in stages. The child is usually hospitalized ~10-14 days. Then the major portion of the recovery is complete by ~2 months (i.e. Home for ~6-8 weeks). But it will take another few months for the sternum to completely heal, etc.

How long is the recovery time following open heart surgery on an infant?

Varies. It depends on the condition of the child prior to surgery, as well as the underlying condition, and the procedure done. The more complicated the procedure, the longer the recovery.
Variable. Less complex surgery at 2-4 months of age may require a week or so in the hospital. Complex congenital heart defects requiring surgery in the first few days may result in several weeks or longer in the hospital. It really varies a great deal depending upon the diagnosis, as well as other complicating medical conditions.

What is open heart surgery like for an infant or a toddler?

Rough. Well surgery on a small child is technically challenging to the surgeon. It would ordinarily take several hours and the recovery several weeks or even months. That said, children and infants have a great ability to recuperate even from major surgery.
If 9 mos or >. Parents can tour cardiac picu/ward pre-op & meet support staff, including play therapists. At 9 mos. Developmental age & up, a child has " affect matching, " becoming more upset during painful procedures if parents look upset. Also, having implicit memory means a child can develop ptsd. Modify behavioral regression by maintaining discipline & routine. Bring familiar hard, washable toys & books.
Depends. This depends on the heart lesion. Many forms of heart disease are now treated successfully with surgery. In those cases, the open heart surgery is very well tolerated with the child being home in 1-2 weeks and recovering well. If the heart lesion is very complicated, then the experience can be different. Please discuss this with your child's cardiologist to learn their specific issues.

My cousin 6 weeks baby you just had heart surgery, fluid in her lungs, & other problems, she notice a white spec inside one her pupil. Is it danger?

White spec. That white spec inside the pupil may represent a cataract. Make an appointment with a pediatric ophthamologist for evaluation and possible treatment.
Unlikely. The spot is most likely a benign finding in a child. I would make sure that the physicians know about it and keep watch on it.
Probably Not. Spots in pupils generally do not indicate anything serious. They can actually be quite common. But if still worried, please talk with your child's cardiologist to learn more about their specific issues.

Heart surgery as baby. Stable at 18 years old. Want to get pregnant?

See a cardiologist. It will depend on what type of defect you had, what repair you underwent and what residual issues you were left with if any. Most repaired forms of congenital heart defects (defects of the heart you were born with) allow you to live a perfectly normal life which includes having babies, but you need to get checked.
Go ahead. As long as you have been healthy, pregnancy should be normal as long as the heart problem corrected at the time of surgery has not returned.