What are torch IgG and IgM tests used for?

Immune system. Igg are igm are different types of antibodies. Low levels are associated with a risk of infection. High levels can be a sign of infection or other disease.

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I'm 8 weeks pregnent. I have been tested to rubella. Serum for torch IgG came +ve 46.71, IgM came -ve 0.12. How'd I interpret it? Is it safe 4baby?

Antibodies. Vaccination against rubella is part of routine immunization. Rubella is a viral infection that can significantly harm your baby if you contract it during pregnancy. Screening for immunity is part of pregnancy care. Igg are antibodies that are mature immunity. They are our long term protectors. Igm are acute antibodies providing an inital response to infection. You are rubella immune! congrats. Read more...