How to check for head lice on a 9 year old boy?

Get him to sit still. The biggest problem with 9 y/o boys is getting them to stop moving for a second so you can get a good look. Fortunately, most of them have short hair (justin bieber notwithstanding). Lice don't like short hair, they like to hide, so taking a flat stick (like a clean popsicle stick), go through section by section looking for either lice or small nits attached to the base of the hair follicles.
Head lice. Checking the head of 9 year old and finding the live or nets will make the diagnosis.
Use nit comb. Use a white towel around neck and comb with nit comb it will be easier this way. If you have good eyesight you can part hair into 4 sections and manually check need not of patience and know what it is you are looking for - nits look like dandruff but do not come off hair easy.

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What to do if I'm a 16 year old boy with head lice, help please?

Tell your parents. Treatment of lice requires accurate identification of nits & / or lice. A pediculicide is usually used- OTC like Nix (permethrin) or RID or prescription meds like lindane or malathion. Work carefully through hair & remove individual nits. Purchase a special lice nit comb to aid you. Check for nits & remove as seen over the next 7 to 10 days. If there are nits after 7 to 10 days – a 2nd pediculicide tx may be.

How can my 10 year old get rid of head lice?

Nix (permethrin) I'd use nix (permethrin) shampoo from any otc department.
Head lice. You can use over the counter like nix (permethrin) or rid to get rid of head luce. You need a fine comb to help him remove the nets.

What's the safest, effective treatment for a 4 year old with head lice?

Medication. There are medications available including otc that appear safe and are effective. Some old home r5emedies do not work and can be dangerous.
Mayonnaise. You must leave the mayonnaise on overnight-you can also use nix (permethrin) but you must use a fine tooth comb to get the nits out.

Can head lice cause hives on a 5 year old girl?

Hives. Have not heard of this happening before but I can not give you a definitive answer. Stress can also cause hives. Allergic reactions, chemicals in foods, insect stings, sunlight exposure, food, infections, systemic disease or medicines can all cause histamine release, hives. Sometimes it's impossible to find out exactly why hives have formed.
Not sure. Lice cause itching and irritation though I have not seen associated hives. Hives are a hypersensitivity reaction to various causes including bug bites, medicine, allergens, stresses both physical and emotional. As long as hives are not associated wtih difficulty breathing, tongue swelling or difficulty swallowing, they are not emergency and resolve within 24 hrs typically.