Is it possible for me to keep my kids from getting head lice?

Avoid contact. You should teach your children to not share hats, combs, pillows, etc. So that they are less likely to catch lice from other children. It takes relatively intimate direct contact to share the lice. They don't jump or fly.
Avoid affected perso. The short answer is to have them avoid others who have head lice. Humans are the only hosts for head lice, so if they are not in contact with an affected person (either directly or indirectly--such as wearing an affected persons' hat) it would not be possible to acquire the parasite.

Related Questions

How does head lice get transmitted to another child?

Head lice. Contact with an already infested person is the most common way that transmission of head lice occurs. Head-to-head contact is common during play at school and at home (sports activities, on a playground, slumber parties, at camp, etc.).Using infested combs, brushes, or towels, wearing clothing such as hats, scarves, coats, sports uniforms, or hair ribbons recently worn by an infested person.
Skin-to-skin contact.. ..Is the most common method, although it can also be transmitted by using an infested person's comb or brush, or putting one's head on the same pillowcase.

It'd be possible that a child get head lice from another child that is getting treated for it?

If still present. Head lice are sometimes hard to get rid of. Sometimes multiple treatments and meticulous removal of egg casings are needed before they are gone for good. If present and the child shares a sleeping mat, headgear, brush or other item they can be passed easily. It can also take 10 or more days before you pick up that your kid has them. It takes that long for new lice to start laying visable eggs.

What could cause a child to get head lice a few months after getting rid of it?

Re-exposure... Of course, some of the commercial and even prescription pediculocides (lice medicines) require 2 separate applications given about a week apart. Just make sure to follow your doctor's directions or the directions on the bottle, and remind your little one to not share caps/hats/bandanas or combs/brushes with other children.
Reinfection. If truly gone the 1st time, only reinfection causes reoccurance. Remember there is no immunity built up to lice.

I had found two children that go to the daycare center that have head lice can I get it and if they are not to cloes to me?

Avoid transfer agent. Living lice are somewhat stealth in their activities. They are hard to see and often get hung up in brushes, combs, scarves and hats and transfer to others who may borrow them. In a day care setting, any bedding that may be used for naps may be contaminated, so inspect and avoid them. Tossing them in a dryer for a cycle will kill them.