What can u tell a young woman that has small breasts, where she thinks they r not as good as bigger ones?

That's tough. In that the body image is important. Some are irrational about the issue. If very little breast tissue is present, implants may help the body image. Of course it is good to be secure within the self; imparting that onto another is hard. If a person has a problem with mood it can be easy to focus on the physical. I've got no great advise other than being lean not all bad; some men prefer less.
Not true. The size of the breasts have no effect on there ability to function mother i knew stated the best bar in town and not a drink in the house is she a full adult tell her that many men are not that interested in that part of the anatomy and if she is personable and outgoing she will be fine I am not and advocate but there is always plastic or falsies untils she becomes intimate bothers him he isbad.