Could you tell me what happens when somone without ADHD takes ADHD medicine like conerta or adderal?

Addiction. Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Concerta are controlled substances because they are addictive. Taking an addictive substance can lead to addiction even if the symptoms of adhd are present.
Side Effects. These drugs are almost never addictive when taken properly in the proper dose with the proper diagnosis.Addiction implies serious emotional and / or physical side effects when the drug is abruptly stopped, which almost never happens, despite other listed opinions. There can be issues with mood, sleeping and diet with the "normal"side effects of the medication. Never use without professional help.
Different reactions. It is not recommended to take any medication not specifically prescribed for you. You may have very different reactions than the intended ones. Adhd meds may make you feel jittery, paranoid, or "spacey" or sleepy. They are not usually addictive when used correctly for the right patient, but should not be taken unless prescribed by your doctor.
Time will tell. Emotional and physical responses to adhd medication are factors in addiction and decrease and disappear over time. The responses adhd medication is aimed at don't disappear over time. Adhd patients are not looking for the highs, euphoria or speeding feelings. They want focus and concentration, performance not feelings. Those without adhd are most likely to become addicted by chasing feelings.