Can a spinal tap or bacterial meningitis cause lumbar radiculopathy?

No. Not strictly speaking can cause radiculitis but not radiculitis alone.
EXTREMELY RARE. Spinal tap is relatively complication-free other than occasional post LP headache, readily reversible with a blood patch. Bacterial meningitis a life-threatening infection and does require emergency treatment, but usually is also reversable, and does not typically involve complications with nerve roots. However, if medication is administered intrathecally, arachnoiditis possible, may cause rad.

Related Questions

What are the complications of having a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to check for bacterial meningitis?

Commonly: A headache is a common side effect of a lumbar puncture. One-third of people will develop a headache, usually within 24–48 hours of having the procedure. Otherwise, under proper technique, no major side effects.
Many but rare. There are many potential side effects and some are serious but most are rare with the most common being a slight headache. These should be discussed with the individual performing the tap but the benefits usually outweigh the risks.

I am having decompression surgery for chiari type I soon. I am curious whether the pain is similar to spinal tap, or bacterial meningitis?

Surgical Pain. Post-operative pain following a suboccipital decompression for chiari is usually due to mobilization of the suboccipital and paraspinal muscles and can be controlled with analgesics such as narcotics, tylenol (acetaminophen) and nsaids. Meningitic pain can occur from chemical irritation. You should discuss these questions with your surgeon to develop a treatment plan before surgery.
Not the same. Chiari decompression hurts the back of the head and neck pretty significantly for a few days postop. This will improve after a few days as you get up and around. Medication helps a lot. Your need for medication will diminish as you recover. Good luck.
Neither. Are you referring to the pain of the surgery or the symptoms of the chiari 1? In any event, neither will be similar to a spinal tap or bacterial meningitis.

Can symptoms of bacterial meningitis be very mild and potentially go undiagnosed? And can a sore in the nostril cause sinusitis and/ or meningitis?

No and yes. Bacterial meningitis is never mild and more often life threatening if not treated. It would be amazing if not diagnosed in american medicine. But the infection source could be nasal or sinus, but also skin, bloodstream, and lungs.

What can they mean by brain/severe brain damage that can be caused by bacterial meningitis?

Bacterial meningitis. Meningitis can cause damage to the brain by causing an increase in intracranial pressure (compresses the brain) or by other factors. In severe cases or if untreated in a timely fashion, it can result is a number of complications. When the complications are irreversible and the resultant impairment significant, it is considered serious. In severe cases paralysis or death can ensue.