I don't know if anyone can help me but I had a root canal done yesterday and I'm in a lot of pain and my gums are swollen what should I do?

Call your dentist. I would call the dentist who did the root canal. He or she knows your situation best! it sounds like you may need some anti-biotics and pain medication.
Root canal treatment. Usually there is a post procedure pain after root canal treatment which should not last more than 3-4 days. If it does then you should contact the treating dentist about this. Usually Ibuprofen (800) mg helps with pain and sometimes an antibiotic is required as well. If pain medication does not help then you should contact your treating dentist. Warm salt water rinses will help with swollen gums.
Call your dentist. Pain and swelling can be normal after a root canal. Dentists or oral surgeons usually prescribe pain medications for the first several days. Please speak to your dentist or surgeon if your pain medication isn't working or the swelling is making it hard to drink fluids.
Agreed. Time to call your dentist. It's common to have some discomfort after a root canal. Assess whether it's getting better or worse, when it hurts (if intermittent), and whether anything you've been doing helps (or aggravates) the situation. Let your dentist (or endodontist) know, and they should have a solution for you right away. Good luck :-).
Call the dentist. Can you call the dentist who treated you? They may be able to prescribe medication that could help. Otherwise you can apply ice to the affected side and take ibuprofen.