Gallbladder polyps in 46 yr old noticed 6 yrs ago one was 3mm now 6.5 over 6 year period is that bad top surgeon says no

1cm is cut-off. Any unknown lesion that grows, until characterized as benign, is of concern. Gallbladder polyps that double in size in 6 years certainly raise such concern. Your surgeon is likely taking your age into consideration, as well as citing a cut-off of 1cm for polyp size at which point the polyp(s) warrants cholecystectomy. Close follow-up by surveillance ultrasounds is recommended at the very least.
Gallbladder polyps. Cholecystectomy is recommended for suspicious gallbladder polyps in order to facilitate early detection and treatment. Risk factors for malignancy include a polyp greater than 1 cm in size, primary sclerosing cholangitis, the presence of a single polyp, and a patient age of greater than 50 years. One study showed only 7.4% polyps <1cm were cancer.