Me and my boy have HPV I have him orl sex should I go. To the dr?

Sort of... If you are having active sex, you should be followed by a gynecologist routinely. If you think you have active hpv warts, or have skin nodules in the mouth due to hpv, then see the gynecologist immediately (or ear/nose/throat doc as appropriate). Simply being exposed to hpv won't cause immediate problems, but warrants knowledge and routine follow up with your gynecologist.
Symptoms? While it is not impossible for hpv to develop in the mouth, throat, or tongue, there is no specific test to tell if it is there until you have symptoms (warts, plaques, or other growths). Using lots of lube (saliva/water) and avoiding friction/forceful sex, can help minimize transfer to the oral area. Also, there are many growths on the penis that can mimic hpv, so make sure it is hpv.