I have a itching scalp but its not lice and I've scratched so much it bleeds and scabs up what can I use to prevent this please help?

Selenium or coal tar. No really! is always best to see a doctor before the training regimen but you may save some time by using one of the two shampoos that i recommend. The first is selenium sulfide and is in many different brand names. Coal tar is used in t gel shampoo and i highly recommend that one, it maybe stinky but it does work. I tell my patients to use the shampoos three times a week and rinse after 10 min.
Itchy Scalp. . For cases of more severe dandruff or seborrhoeia then some of the ingredients to look out for to resolve the condition include selenium, zinc, coal tar in coconut oil and salicyclic acid, as well as anti-fungal shampoos that comprise ketoconazole. Topical prescription cortisone like Kenalog (triamcinolone) Spray is very helpful.