Which types of alternative therapies can be used for ADHD and learning disorders?

Others. Interactive metronome (check their website) integrative listening systems (check their website) music lessons martial arts classes.
Used or proven? Since adhd is a very common disorder, it is a target for lots of alternative therapies of the year, or recycled alternative therapies that have already been disproved. Check out quackwatch.Com and the chadd.Org websites for relatively fair treatments of some disproved alternative therapies, some which can be dangerous, and some which may not be provent, but are probably not harmful.

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What kinds of alternative therapies can be used for learning disorders? Do any of them work?

Nothing Proven. Despite allegations, herbal products have not yet been proven to work. Read more...
Special education . Services help a child with average or above iq & learning disabilities. Language-based ld's are the most common: dyslexia & disorder of written expression. Non-verbal learning disabilities can impact math, social understanding & executive functions. Intellectual disability in a child who has measurable cognitive & adaptive abilities significantly below average also is treated educationally. Read more...