Which sports/physical activities are good for someone with cystic fibrosis?

Depends on Lung Fx. The level of physical activity for a child with CF is an individual choice that should be made in consultation with the treating physician. However, there has been some interesting research done in australia, which suggests Hypertonic Saline (e.g., salty air) inhalation in CF patients was beneficial in maintaining lung function. Why? A doctor noticed surfers with CF tend to have better outcomes!
What you tolerate. Depending on your fev1, lean muscle mass, and weight, you may be able to do near normal levels of exercise. Talk to your CF center to get a program going for you; if you qualify for pulmonary rehabilitation that is a good way to start. If not, daily exercise usually helps with both airway clearance and keeping exacerbations at bay.

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Would getting a lung transplant let someone with cystic fibrosis play sports?

Yes. Lung transplantation is a very important treatment option for people with cystic fibrosis that is severely limiting their physical ability. If successful, and it usually is, lung transplantation can offer a person with cystic fibrosis a renewed chance to regain the ability and energy to do many activities that others without this condition take for granted, including some sports.
CF Transplantation. A lung transplantation of both the right and left lung is performed to improve life expectancy of the CF patient. If the transplanted lungs are functioning well, you should be able to participate in non contact sports. Your transplantation division will follow up with you closely to monitor lung function and your overall health.

What physical activities are ok for someone with cystic fibrosis?

Anything. Most individuals with cystic fibrosis can participate in all physicial activities. Salt supplementation is needed because of excess salt loss in CF sweat. Individuals with severe lung disease should discuss what level of activity is safe/appropriate for them with their physician.

What is a good way to get checked up for cystic fibrosis?

Sweat chloride test. Talk to your physician who can direct you and order a test, if indicated. The gold standard test is the sweat chloride test. Blood testing may also be available, again, if indicated.

What are the causess of cystic fibrosis and physical deformities like clubbed feet?

Genetic. CF is caused by mutations in the cftr gene - mostly they are inhereted from both the mother and father who are carriers (but rarely these mutations can occur spontaneously). Club feet can be caused by several circumstances - some from a generic defect, some from problems during fetal deveopment or toxic exposures.

Please tell me the defects of cystic fibrosis, physical deformities like clubbed hands?

Recurrent pneumonias. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease of cftr chloride channel defect with multi-organ involvement. Pancrease (pancrelipase) and lung are particularly affected causing lung infections, asthma type symptoms, pancreatic insufficiency with malabsorption, fat solubale vitamin deficiencies and diabetes which manifest maily during teenage years. Shahzeidi, md, pulmonologist.

Is good to work outside while having cystic fibrosis?

CF and environment. Depending on the severity of your cf, leading an active healthy lifestyle outside is not a fantasy. Common sense will dictate avoidance germs by simple hand hygiene (wash, wipe, alcohol base hand gels). Knowing your CF treatment plan as per your pulmonologist/specialist is important for slowing down the progression/maintaining a more resilient defense against bacterial/chronic lung infection.
Sure. It is almost always good to work outside, as long as you use sun screen and wear a hat to keep the sun off. If cold air (or polluted air) causes you to have bronchospasm, wait for a wamrer day or a non red air day. Working outside won't make you sicker unless you don't do your airway clearance when you are outside.

Can you tell me if a baby has a good chance of getting cystic fibrosis will the baby show symptoms right away?

Not necessarily. Depending on the expression of any CF genes it may present at birth with sticky poo & bowel obstruction or not be detected for months. Many states now include CF as part of their newborn screening programs to facilitate early recognition and treatment.
Variable. CF newborn screening programs can detect CF early on, so that treatment can be initiated earlier. If an infant begins to have symptoms consistent with cf, the test should be repeated even if the screening was negative at birth. Symptoms can begin at any time and this depends on a number of factors, including the specific genetic mutation of the CF gene. I hope this helps.