Silent migraine or tia? 26yr f 8 mos pregnant experienced sudden peripheral vision loss/blurry/double vision in rt eye. Got a little dizzy. Lasted 10 sec.

Check B.P NOW! Have your OB md check your blood pressure to make sure that it is not elevated and causing brain swelling(edema). A 2nd cause is pituitary swelling during pregnancy which puts pressure on the optic chiasma(optic nerves crossing) which is just below the pituitary gland in the brain.. Either way notify your OB now!
Probably neither. Visual migraine usually lasts longer than 10 seconds, and while a TIA is possible, this would be uncommon in a 26 yo. Contact your ob/gyn about this, and get an eye exam asap to rule out ocular problems.

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I had sudden peripheral vision loss/blurred vision in one eye. Lasted 10 seconds. Panicked and got a bit dizzy. 8 months pregnant. Was this a tia?

Unlikely. Tia's are older folks problems and extraordinarity rare in your age group. More likely you had a type of migraine in which the vision in the right half (or left half) of both eyes went out. The rapid recovery makes this more likely. If it happens again, cover one and then the other eye and see if it is happening in both eyes. Meanwhile prepare for the end of your pregnancy best for the baby. Read more...