When and why do non jewish americans start to circumcise their infants?

General MacArthur. Many uncircumised us troops stationed in asia during 2nd world war developed penile infections which interfered with their soldiering. Thus general maca ruled that any troops heeding for asia had to be circumcised. Troops were indoctrinated that circumcision is healthier and cleaner. Certainly true if men are wading thru unclean rivers and can not bathe. These men wanted their sons circd etc.Etc.
Don't know. This is purely by parental choice. I do not try to sway parents one way or another. Circumcision in the office can be done by your OB or pediatrician in the first 2-3 weeks of life.
Newborn. Most circumcisions are performed in the hospital before a child is discharged. There is evidence that a circumcision will decrease the chances of infection in the first year of life. The reduction of adult infection and also some forms of cancer are other reasons.