My husband has developed diabeties recently and has albumin traces in urine? Is it normal for a diabetic to show albumin traces? Urine acetone nil

Treatment. It's not normal to have Albumin in the urine. This is one thing we follow closely in a diabetic. He should be on an ace inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker to "protect" the kidneys and hopefully reverse this process. Make sure he sees his doc regularly.
Microalbuminuria. Above a certain threshold, Albumin in the urine is a marker of diabetic kidney damage (nephropathy). However, it can be many years before it progresses to kidney failure, and the progression of diabetic nephropathy can be halted. Control blood glu (a1c less than 7), control bp, use an ace-i or arb (even if BP normal), and control other risk factors such as weight, lipids.