What are the major causes ofinfant obesity?

Overfeeding/ diet. The contributors to infant obesity are diverse.Assuming a babies sucking behavior means hunger rather than self comfort.Teaching baby to eat rather than fuss(invalidating their feelings & training them to be hungry instead)equating feeding with loving.Rewards based on high calorie foods. Families with patterns of overnutrition who fail to recognize it for infants.Etc.Etc.
Overfeeding. overfeeding and early introduction of other foods than formula ( or preferably breast milk) are among the leading causes of obesity in infants.The longer you breast feed and delay introduction of solids, the less likely your child may become obese.
Over Feeding. Babies who love to eat have no problem gaining weight.Some mom likes to see their babies fat. They think it is hea lthy but when they grow up they be come obese.