How do you keep a toddler with a stomach virus hydrated?

Sips of liquids- The key is how much vomiting they are doing. If vomiting, wait 2-3 hours and give "small" ( 1/2 oz ) amounts of clear liquids. Don't let them "gulp too fast"-if it stays down then repeat every 30 minutes. Once 3 or 4 liquid feeds have not been vomited, slowly increase the volume every 30 minutes. If no vomit for 3-4 hours then start the brat diet for diarrhea-bannans, rice, apple, toast. Patience.
Dehydration. Stomache virus can cause dehydration quickly. Avoiding dehydration by starting with crushed ice chips and progress to small amounts of cold ice water every 30 -45 minutes. Then pedialyte in small amounts like 1 oz every 30-45 minutes might help.

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Can I pass out or go into shock or something from not eating in five days? I had a stomach virus but I kept hydrated well with pedialite and gatorade

Unusual. It is unusual for healthy adults to become dehydrated from stomach viruses, especially if you're able to drink fluids. Eating food is less important than fluids, but of course if you continue to vomit you should seek medical attention. It may not be a stomach virus after all. Read more...

Stomach virus at daycare. 10 month old vomitted tues pm 5-midnight. Fine wed. Then thurs 3am vomitted. Fine all day. Again fri 10am. No fev & hydrated?

Fluids, rest, ED. The child's presentation is consistent with a viral gastroenteritis, which is best treated by rest and lots of fluids (given in small sips). However, you should schedule an appointment with his/her doctor to follow up should his/her symptoms persist. If at any point, the child appears listless or dehydrated, you should go to the er. You should also go if s/he can't hold down sips of liquid. Read more...