What is a reasonable cost for a dental implant, including the abutment and crown, and can they be done by the same dr.?

Depends and yes! The cost of the surgical placement of the implant, abutment and implant crown depend on what part of the country you receive the treatment. Obviously nyc would be more than boone, nc just due to overhead and cost of living. Range could be $3k to $5k. A dentist if trained in surgical and restorative techniques, expect great success! 4 my office, i'm the restorative guy & placed by my surgical assoc.
Yes & Cost Variable. Yes the same dentist can place the implant, then the abutment and crown. Gp dentists with appropriate training do it all the time. The key is that the restorative dentist is the "quarterback" in where the cylinders are placed so they can be restored properly. Costs vary all over the country so i can't really help there.
Around $4,000 & Yes. A reasonable investment for a dental implant, including the abutment and crown is around $4, 000. This varies by region and also the doctor. I suggest finding a diplomate of the ameican board of oral implantology at www.Aboi.Org, or a surgical prosthodontist, who can perform all aspects of dental implant treatment. Keep smiling.
Experience. Any dentist with the proper training can do the procedures. The cost can vary across the country and around the world. In the ny area it could be thousands.
$4,000. In my area i tell people to plan on about $4, 000/tooth to be replaced, but it could be much more if there was any extensive bone grafting necessary.
Varies. Placing an implant $1600.00 average and abutment and crown another $1600.00 on the average.. You can pay as much as $2500.00 for each . Depending on where you live. Some doctors do all.
Depends. Much regarding cost depends on where you have the work done. Rural idaho less than downtown manhattan. Implant surgery about $ 1800 - 2500 and crown and abutment $ 2000 - 2800. Be sure about the dnetists training before having same person do all the treatment. Much to be said for training, ability and experience. There are places where you can do it all at one time. We do this at our center in pa.
Sometimes. Many dentists do not place and restore implants. Some do both. Reasonable cost for everything depends on the location of the implant, what grafting needs to be done, the type of crown, and many other factors. Implants can be quite expensive, but are very long lasting.
This varies a lot. Reasonable like beauty is "in the eyes of the beholder". I will answer your question the best i can, respectfully. The range can be from $1200-$7000, depending on the quality of the jaw bone, the individual needs for the situation, the expertise of the surgeon and dentist, and on the location of the practice. This can all be done by the same doctor in rarer cases; be diligent with your research.
Same as a bridge. The cost of a implant abutment and crown is about the same cost as a three unit bridge.
Can be cheaper. Dentists who advertise cheap implants use chap implants and materials. If oyu want your implants to be made in china, india, pakistan or indonesia with poor quality control look ofr the cheapest implants.
Yes . Dental implant cost vary from dentist to dentist. A reasonable cost for one implant replacing a single tooth is about $3, 200 including cost of surgical phase, the abutment and the crown. They can be all done by the same general dentist or prosthodontist who has had training in implant dentistry. In many cases, the surgical phase of the implant is done by periodontists and oral surgeons.
VARIES... Cost depends upon the amount of treatment needed to prepare the site (bone grafting? Sinus augmentation?) and varies by region/materials/difficulty of the case. A well-trained general dentist can perform most or all of the necessary therapy. If a specialist is needed, the surgical and prosthetic aspects may be performed by different providers at, possibly, increased cost.