Is it harder for juvenile diabetic teen to lose weight rather than a normal kid?

Attention to detail. Actually it should be easier. This child should be paying close attention to diet and exercise. Since a diabetic will be monitoring blood sugars, they are watching all aspect of their body... Many of my diabetic kids need support, but they get to see results with better blood sugars and other tests. Be the best and work smarter to get good control.
Insulin effect. Type 1 diabetes- requires Insulin therapy daily and one of the most common side effects ( after hypoglycemia) of exogenous ( not from your pancreas) is weight gain ... So if higher doses of Insulin is needed, losing weight is tougher... Now, uncontrolled blood sugars will cause unexplained weight loss....
Diabetis. It is actually much easier for kids with diabetis to loose weight. The diet regimen they eat makes so much easier to know how many cards and calories they eat.