I have a tiny red bump at the corner of my mouth. I have not been kissed (or sexually active) in a over a year. Is it oral herpes or could it be acne?

Probably acne... Probably either acne or an ingrown hair. That said, if you have the herpes virus in your body, it never really goes away. It may become temporarily dormant, but if the corner of your mouth has been stretched (trip to the dentist or eating a big mac), or if your immune system is down due to stress, it can flare back up. Not being sexually active for the last year doesn't really matter here.
GOK. That stands for god only knows. If you want to know what it is, you will need to see a dentist or a physician to accurately diagnose it. There are many possibilities and without actually being able to personally see it, we can't give you a good answer, especially the right one.

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I am not sexually active, but I am afraid that I have contracted oral herpes from sharing saliva. Is this REAL herpes or just cold sores?

Herpes. The answer is cold sores are real herpes. They used to be specifically herpes virus type 1 but now that there is a lot of oral sexual activity, the type 1 and type 2 dont necessarily follow the above the waist below the waist rule. Read more...

I definitely have Fordyce spots on upper lip but recently discovered a painless, raised red bump by itself. I have been sexually active. Any thoughts?

See a dermatologist. Fordyce spots are harmless & usually visible only when you stretch the skin tight. A red bump may be acne. Is there a blister, ulcer, or scab? If it persists more than a few days you need to present to a specialist who is able to identify it. Read more...