What is the ideal weight range for a teenage girl who is about 5'4"?

Depends on age/stage. A teen of average height of 64inches for 15-19 commonly ranges from 110-130lb.The concept of ideal weight is often decided by the individual. One looking to be a runner, gymnast or dancer may prefer to be at a leaner weight.The best weight for you takes into account your age, stageof change into womanhood and specific findings on your physical exam.
About 110-130 pounds. A healthy weight depends on a girl's height (genetic trait), her body build (genetic trait), and her proportion of fat and muscle (influenced by diet and exercise). At the end of the teen years (age 18-19 years), the average female height is 5' 4" to 5' 5", with an average healthy weight of 120-130 pounds.