I recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary cyst bilateral thru my transvaginal ultrasound. I'm having hotflashes for a week now, is this related?

Not likely. Its not likely from ovarian hormones, you are still producing them and they don't fluctuate too much in pcos. U have 2x the risk of depression and anxiety closely behind. The diagnosis may have increased your anxiety. R u sleeping at night? A drug called an snri can help vasomotor sx's. You may have high Insulin and then get low blood sugar, this can cause ur sx's. Look up metformin and pcos.
Possibly. These symptoms can only be adequately diagnosed only after a thorough evaluation by your doctor. This may include labs and other satudies. Once all of the information is in, your doctor can let you know what's going on, and what to do to help you.