Hello doctor I would like to know how doesit work the laser treatement to get rid of a genetic double chin.

Laser lipo. Helps. Laser liposuction is a good solution to this problem. The liposuction part would remove the excess fat deposits that you have inherited in the chin area while the laser part of the tretment might tighten the skin component giving you a sharper angle to your chin mental area.
Liposuction. Most "laser treatments" for a double chin are actually laser liposuction. This is very effective if you have good younger skin tone (not too loose/"floppy") and around 1 inch (or more) of fatty tissue you can pinch under your chin. The laser is used to help liquefy the fat that is then suctioned out. Both laser and suction tool are inserted through a small incision just under your chin.

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Hello doctor. I'm19. I want to get rid of my genetic double chin by defining just the jawline. Is there any exercise I can do by my self for this issue?

Not really. If you are overweight, getting down to a normal weight would minimize the appearance of your double chin, since fat deposits would decrease everywhere. Otherwise, there is no specific exercise that is likely to change your appearance. Some people are bothered enough by specific features like that to eventually consider plastic surgery (liposuction, etc). Read more...
No exercise. Chewing gum or clinching your teeth won't provide spot reductions. Fat distribution for any individual is genetically determined. While exercises can improve local tone they do not provide spot reductions. With exercise you can decrease the total amount of fat on your body but where that fat is laid down and where it is removed from is predetermined by your genetics. Sorry. Read more...