What happens to teenage boys who smoke weed when they grow up?

Lots of visine. Take all the bad things that can happen when you smoke tobacco, then add in some memory impairment, difficulty focusing, and the thing that probably scares teenage boys the most: erectile dysfunction. I've seen guys in their 30's start to have ED and other problems like retrograde ejaculation because of their marijuana use. Then there's fertility issues too... Try to avoid it!
Varies. In studies, mj can also depress hormones (testosterone, prolactin, thyroid, and growth hormones). It inhibits immune functions against viruses and cancer. It may cause chromosomal damage, leading to birth defects. In excess, it may induce paranoia, mania, and panic reactions. Like tobacco, it can affect lung function. Using mj during development may accentuate some of the effects.

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What happens to teenage boys who smoke weed when they grow up? Do they usually keep smoking weed?

It depends. The decision to continue smoking is an individual one and is influenced by factors such as family influences, economics, access, legality, etc. I know people who continue to smoke into their 50s and others who stopped. Read more...
Depends on the teen. Why is the teen smoking weed? Is there addiction in the family? Are they smoking to self medicate(depression) lets face it, weed is at least psychologically addictive and studies are showing that teens who habitually smoke weed can develope psychosis ... It kills motional drive ... Those teens who have their feet on terra firma will abuse neither weed nor alcohol weed is an addictive drug. Read more...