Is it normal to not want to go back to work after maternity leave?

Yes. Oh my goodness yes! we have just experienced one of the single most imprtant and exhilarating events of our lives. We have given birth to a tiny, beautiful human being that is ours, we have become moms. Our lives have radically changed and we are also experiencing a multitude of feelings. Take your time and talk about it. Thoughts and feelings are racing and our hormones are all over the place.
Yes. Absolutely, yes! you endured a nine month pregnancy that culminated in a beautiful, healthy baby that you & your spouse created. You have fallen in love with this new person like you never dreamed possible. Over their first 8-12 weeks of life, you have been their lifeline and instructor 24/7. Now, you get to go work and miss the things you have grown to love? Difficult, yes. Normal, yes.
Yes. Of course. Having a new baby is a wonderful, happy experience. Who would not want to spend time with the baby.Unfortunately, the practical aspects of life go on, so we do what we need to do, such as work. Believe me, these experiences are shared by others, such as grndparents, as i personally know.
Yes. It can be hard for a mom or dad to return to work after spending weeks dedicated to the care of a newborn. Going back to work will mean missing being with the baby for much of the day. However, life must go on, and parents have to earn a living to support the family. Having extended family around, such as enthusiastic grandparents, may be helpful.
Yes. After giving birth your life has changed and your bond with your baby is unlike any other experience in life. It is very normal to not want to leave your current environment to head back to work. If you must return, you will not be losing any of that bond and the relationship you are forging with your baby will continue to grow.