Can orange juice replenish potassium lost from excessive diarrhea due to a virus?

OJ and potassium. Orange juice (oj) is an excellent source of potassium (k). Drinking just one 8-ounce glass of orange juice every day adds 474 mg of potassium to your diet. If you have diarrhea, you not only lose k you also lose magnesium (m) as well. K levels will not increase if a person has a low m level. If your diarrhea is severe. Perhaps you should get your blood taken to see what your k and m levels are.
Depends on… What u mean by "excessive diarrhea". If diarrhea was severe enough to cause potassium deficiency, u'd probably also be dehydrated & need more than oj to correct problem. Oj, sports drinks, some vitamin waters may slightly replenish potassium loss but should see doc to check potassium & hydration status if the diarrhea was "excessive".

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Recently found out have low potassium, added 2 banana's, orange juice and tomoato juice to diet but causing loose stools, concerned counterproductive?

Why is it low? Do you know why is it low? Is it because you're on medicines that artificially lower it? There are rare genetic conditions that can lower potassium? Or was this a random lab finding. If it was a random finding, realize potassium levels can fluctuate moment to moment. Also machines have error too. If its borderline low, don't go nuts with a high potassium diet. If it's markedly low, talk to doc! Read more...