My 1 yr old still wakes at night. It's not hunger, more habit. I've fed her before bed, doesn't work. Never took a bink bc of tongue tie, fixed now th?

Night-waking is a . Learned behavior @6 mos. & >. It goes away only if consistently ignored. After reading, toothbrushing, etc., put her in her own crib drowsy but awake at the same time nightly. If you must go in when she night-cries, don't turn on the lights, make eye contact with her or pick her up. Move closer to the door each night. She'll protest longer & louder first few nights, then it'll stop. See aap.Org.
Tongue-tied. Tongue-tied or ankyloglossia occurs when the lingual (tongue) frenum (thin tissue which connects from tongue to floor of the mouth) is attached to the most anterior part of the tongue. This frenum has connective tissue that does not allow or limits the tongue forward movement. Nowadays, the frenum can be removed without local anesthesia (shots, needles, numbing), with a laser, it takes 30 seconds.