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Red rash under armpits, diarreah for 2 days, cold symptoms...Runny nose and sore throat. No fever under 99.0

Viral Gastroenteriti. Sounds like a viral gastroenteritis. It will likely pass but you have to keep close tabs on dehydration. Might be a good idea to see your primary doctor to simply ensure it is nothing more significant.

4 yo son recently diagnosis with strep (+ rapid) fever and sore throat are getting better after 24 hrs of abx. No cold symptoms but now has dry cough; related?

Maybe, maybe not. Typically strep throat alone rarely produces cough--there is almost always something else involved when a cough joins an infected throat such an a sinus infection or 2nd illness (not previously appreciated until the strep begins to improve) such as mycoplasma. The antibiotic for strep will not treat mycoplasma infection; therefore, the best advice is to call your md noting this change in symptoms.

I have a sore throat only on the right side with no fever or cold symptoms its hurt when I swallow, I have it for more than a week now, sometimes my e?

Ear hurts, too? . You have pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Without fever it's most likely a viral infection. If your symptoms aren't gone after another 2-3 days, or you get fever, see your doctor.

Painful sore throat for a week. Mild cold symptoms, no fever. What point should I see a doctor, or most likely just virus?

Cold. The common cold is caused by one of numerous different viruses. If you fail to get progessively better or symptoms persist past 10-12 days it may be time to see somebody, but that depends upon the symptoms you are experiencing.