Two lung nodules upper right lobe 5 and 2 one nodule lower left lobe 3 mm. All uncalcified. Colonoscopy endoscopy brain MRI normal. What are theseim26?

R u smoker? The absolute diagnosis of pulmonary nodules is done by a pathologist under microscopic examination. Otherwise speculative. Cat scan or pet scans are not microscopic examinations by a pathologist. If nodules become calcified most likely grannulomas. Carcinomas and grannulomas look alike early on. Close periodic f/u versus early excissional bx advised. Needle bx not DX unless cancer diagnosed.
Lung nodules. Are very common, and most (>95%) are not cancer. The larger the nodule, the greater the probability of cancer. Nodules in the 4-5 mm range are almost never cancer, and a nodule that 25 mm in size (about an inch) is 50-50, and so on. These odds are affected by your age, and whether you smoked or not. At age 26, i would not recommend any further testing.