What r some causes of haveing a cramp on one side of your lower abdomen and haveing tender breast other than pregnancy? Because im still a vrigin

Many. There are many causes, but one of the more common cause could be ovulation which would cause both pain on one side as well as breast tenderness. However if the pain is worsening or not improving in a short period of time, an evaluation by your doctor may be needed.

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5 days late. Sore breasts. Cramping once in awhile in the lower abdomen or sometimes on one side. Can't get comfortable anymore at night. Am I preg?

Pregnancy test. typically early pregnancy is not painful, typically does not lateralize.sounds like early pregnancy with change in periods and breast tenderness. Needs a pregnancy test(preferably serum HCG) and if positive, consider pelvic ultrasound to rule tubal pregnancy since pain is an issue. Read more...