What's safe during pregnancy to take to help with anxiety/depression and panic attack that cause blackouts/rage/shock.?

Psychiatry eval. I must disagree with my colleagues around this specific question. One has to balance the danger from anxiety/depression/blackouts/rage/shock and medication side effects during pregnancy. There are meds that are relatively safe to take, but do have some risks. Please seek a qualified psychiatry evaluation to weigh the risks/benefits of treatment with medication. Hope this helps.
Real tough. Nothing is safe. However, some meds may be safer than doing nothing. Tranquilizers, however, have clear risk of birth defects. Other meds have lower risks.
Safest are nondrug. Methods: learn to relax & to modify the thoughts, perceptions & beliefs that trigger your anxiety/depression. Practice abdominal breathing. Pregnancy increases breathing distress. You can learn these skills on your own, but having a mental health professional "coach" you is quicker & more effective. Biofeedback helps learn relaxation skills (www.Bcia.Org & www.Aapb.Org).
Coordinate Drs. If indeed you are having such symptoms, at least a visit to urgent care is recommended and if you feel you are at risk of harm to self or others a call to emergency services needs to happen. In general, there are psychotropics that are relatively safe staring in the second trimester forward. If time allows, discuss with ob/gyn or primary care physician first if need to see psychiatrist. Take care.