What is the average weight for a teenage girl?

Height dependent. Various factors go into the average ht or weight.If you go to www.Cdc.Gov/growthcharts you can find a chart for a girl, 2-20 that you can print out & see all the possibilities.As u look at the chart, place a dot for your standing barefoot height along the age line.That gives you a % height factor. You look for the average wt for ht by looking for the % wt that corresponds to your %ht. Ie.35%t=35%w.
Varies with age. The average weight for a 13 year-old girl is about 100 pounds (range: 75-145), for a 15 year-old girl is 115 pounds (range: 90-165), and for an 18 year-old girl is 125 pounds (range: 100-175). A healthy weight depends on a girl's height (genetic trait), her body build (genetic trait), and her proportion of fat and muscle (influenced by diet and exercise).