Are there any long term side effects for zoloft (sertraline)? Like months after taking it?

Yes, but... Two common longer term side effects are: 1) sexual [difficulty having an orgasm, reduced sex drive, difficulty having an erection] and 2) weight gain [although weight gain on zoloft (sertraline) is less than another similar antidepressant like paroxetine]. All this being said, there are approaches to minimize side effects that you should speak with your doctor about. Hope this answer helps.
Not likely. Withdrawal symptoms are usually short term. A small percentage of patients report withdrawal symptoms up to a year after stopping an ssri like zoloft (sertraline). If this is happening, would discuss with your prescribing physician.
Zoloft (sertraline) As prescribed, zoloft (sertraline) is safe in long run. If plan to get pregnant, inform your doc., that is, if u r female.