If I have every single symptom of Asperger exept empathy (i fully recognize others' emotions, even beyond) could it be considered asperger's disorder?

It could be pdd: Nos. Asperger's and autism are subset or types of what psychiatrists and behavioral psychologists call the pervasive development disorders. Being autistic or on the spectrum has mild moderate and severe forms. Aspergers is a higher functioning form of autism. Pdd: nos or not otherwise specified is an extreme high functioning form of autism, its hard to say with out formal neuropsych testing.
Best to ask your MD. For questions like this, it's best to speak with your doctor. It's a complex issue and we don't have enough information to answer through the internet.
Why do you ask? Perhaps the real question should be, "How can I learn to maximize my gifts of intellectual focus, find ways to use my academic abilities to service others, and improve my ability to talk with and understand others?" Autism and "Asperer's" -- whatever they really are -- are a spectrum. Be glad that you're empathic and devote your life to the service of others.