Is it ok to take soya isoflavones supplement s after breast ca?

If sufferring. If having bad hot flashes, the snri class of depression meds can help. It can't be just an ssri, norepiniephrine has a tract the leads to the temp regulation center; it helps glucose transport, as estrogen did. Venlafaxine at 150 mg, cymalta; consider Clonazepam at night when start. Cancer and immediate stopping of hormones is a double whammy, increasing risk of mood problems, insomnia, stress.
NO! Soy has phytoestrogenic properties. Do not take this supplement. This will increase your risk for breast cancer. The "benefits" of soy are totally overhyped. In fact i would not recommend soy for any reason at all and advise my patients to avoid this hormone disrupting, thyroid suppressing "food".