I had perlane (dermal fillers) injections in my cheeks three weeks ago and have hard lumps and dimpling. Will it go away eventually?

Perlane (dermal fillers) Perlane (dermal fillers) is a type of filler material made of hyaluronic acid which you body will dissolve in 6-12 months. You may get some improvement by having your doctor inject a material that will help accelerate the dissolution of the product. Some downward massage can also sometimes soften lumps/bumps from filler but make sure you do not massage up toward the eyes.
Filler. you should have your face evaluated by your injector who is preferably a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Yes. Perlane (dermal fillers) is a hyaluronic acid filler that will be metabolized over a years time. The lumps will continue to grow smaller. If they bother you your doctor can inject some hyaluronidase which will immediately shrink them with no danger to you.